Eldritch RPG.
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Eldritch Role Playing System (Revised)

Eldritch RPG Revised Edition cover

Authors: Dan Cross, Randall Petras, Peter Schaefer, Jon Creffield
Editor & Developer: Malcolm Bowers
Artists: Eric Bergeron, Peter Bradley, James Bardes
198 pages.

A fast-paced, action and story-oriented RPG of high fantasy, with no restrictive archetypes.

Character concept is king! Cast any spell, wield any weapon desired, possess any power imagined. Players can create detailed characters quickly, with rules that are easy to master and yet offer a lot of scope for clever and creative play. Eldritch Role-Playing Revised now includes the detailed yet adaptable campaign setting, known by sages as Ainerêve, where heroes fulfill their destinies in a world of dream, might and magic. So sharpen your sword, gather your will, and summon your inner strength to prepare for a new game experience…

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Eldritch Game Master Screen

Eldritch RPG Game Master Screen

Author: Dan Cross
Artists: Eric Bergeron, James Bardes, Peter Bradley
8 cards.

The Eldritch Role Playing GM Screen includes useful charts and tables with full-color artwork. The full-color, full-size screen sheets are designed to be used as inserts in the DriveThruRPG/RPGnow Game Master Screen (by Hammerdog), but can be simply printed and used as quick reference guide. Now includes print-friendly character sheet PDF.

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