Eldritch RPG.
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Welcome to the official website of the Eldritch Role Playing Game!

Image of original and revised edition covers

Eldritch Role-Playing game system made its debut in 2008, published by Goodman Games. This is a game that uses polyhedral dice but celebrates the narrative, while remaining unabashedly action-oriented. It is a fast game to pick up and play one-shots for those weekend warriors; but it's also infinitely customizable for GMs desiring a system to make their own for longer campaigns.

The Revised Edition was funded by fans via Kickstarter in late 2013. This edition, by Dan Cross and Randall Petras, features a more streamlined combat and magic system, a full chapter of monsters written by Jon Creffield (author of The Slayer's Guide to Dragons), plus sections on deadly traps, and new treasures to discover. This expanded 200-page book includes the darkly epic campaign setting of Ainerêve, penned by Wizards of the Coast alumni Peter Schaefer.

This edition is the culmination of seven years of player feedback and development, with contributions from Goodman Games' own Dieter Zimmerman. It was professionally edited by “Writing-knights of the Gygaxian Round Table” Malcolm Bowers (Gary Gygax's Extraordinary Book of Names) and Richard T. Balsley (Gary Gygax's Cosmos Builder).

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